How to Use Craft Cola

You can drink it with soda, milk, alcohol, or any other way you like. You can also top it with fruit or herbs as lemon, lime, mint or rosemary.

Drink Recipes

Drink Recipe
With soda Cola 1 : Soda 3-4(Most basic way to use. Pour cola syrup after the soda)
With milk
Cola 1 : Milk 3-4 (spices make it taste like chai tea)
Cola float
Top the cola with soda with icecream
Milk cola
Cola 1 : Milk 2-3 : Soda (preferred amount)
Cola Latte
Cola1 : Espresso 1 : Milk (preferred amount)
Rum Coke
Rum 30ml : Cola 15ml : Soda (preferred amount)
Whiskey and coke
Whiskey 30ml : Cola 15ml : Soda (preferred amount)
Long cocktail
Gin 30ml : Orange juice 15ml : Cola 15ml : Soda (preferred amount)
On the rocks style
Whiskey 30ml : Cola 15ml : Milk 30ml (think Kahlua with milk)
Hot cocktail
Whiskey 30ml : Cola 15ml : Hot water (preferred amount)
Short cocktail
Gin 2 : Grapefruit juice 1 : Cola 1 (mix with cocktail shaker and serve in cocktail glass)